At his mayesty’s request


When his brother left his home, Prince Stravos will now inherit the throne if Kyonos, an island in Greece. Now that he will be king, he needs queen. He doesn’t want love in a relationship. His mother died nineteen years ago, and as a result his father reigned the kingdoom disastrously. This made him decide that love was a liability in ruling a country. Therefore, he hires Jessica Carter, an excellent matchmaker. The problem is, he comes to like this feisty and confident women, and starts seeing the candidates a boring. He is determined to know what she is hiding.

Jessica Carter, doesn’t want have anything to do with relationship. She had enough with her failed marriage. However she feels satisfaction in knowing that other people can have lasting marriages. This is the reason she became a matchmaker. She is hired by a prince Stavros for her services and she is determined to find him the appropriate wife for him. A wife who can be a queen and who can bare him children. Having to spend time with him, she notices that there’s more to him than a cold and calculating man. She starts to like him, even though she is not supposed, since she is hardly the appropriate candidate for him. The biggest issue being that she cannot bare heirs for him.

Will they surpass their insecurities and obligations to follow their hearts?

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Barefoot with a Bodyguard

Kate Kingston’s father is a jury that recently recieved a threatening message to his daughter. She doesn’t want a bodyguard, so her father ends up hiring Gabriel Rossi to manage the situation. The only thing that Kate wants is to have a peaceful place to study for her bar exam, since wants to be a lawyer. She is recenl divorced. Her ex wanted to control her and made her life miserable. However she ends up having to be called Mathildaor Tilly, which is her new indentity. Plus, she now has a bodyguard, who is also her husband!

Alec Petrov is a russian-american that needs to hide from the russian mob leader. His father had money problem and ended up giving Alec to this leader so he could be a “soldier”. They tattoo his hand with the word kill in russian. He is succesful in escaping his destiny, but now this leader wants him again. Gregg, and FBI agent, got Alec under his wing a long time ago, and now hired Gabe Rossi for his services. So Alec ended up being Kate’s bodyguard and husband.

While Kate and Alec stay in the same villa, they start to feel wild chemistry and a special connection. Against the rules,  rndsup telling him her real name and her story, and wants him to do the same. He resist telling her anything, since knowing things about him is  dangerous for her and since he has difficulty trusting people. Can you they keep their ruse of being a married couple? Can they stay safe? Will he end up trusting her?

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