The Black Hawk 


An intringuing novel set in the post Napoleonic Era. Justine DeCabrillac’s parents were killed, when she was eleven.  during the French Revolution. She and her sister Severine, were put in the care of her parents’ trusted friend. However instead of taking care of them, he gave Justine to the owner of a brothel. Justine had to work for her, and she and her sister were forced to live in the brothel. Her life changed when Madame, the brothel owner and member of the French Secret Police, selected Justine to spy for her. At thirteen she was ordered to spy an English agent called William Doyle.

When Adrian Hawkhurst, dubbed Hawker,  was a boy, he lived low  neighborhood of St. Giles in London. He was expert in theft, and had even worked for the king of the underworld. His life changed when he met William Doyle. He decided the boy had talents to be spy,  put him under his wing and trained him. He took him to Paris, where there was a lot of work to be done, after all, it was the era of the French Revolution. In Paris he met Owl, Justine’s undercover name. Although they worked for different sides, they became good friends. Deciding Marguerite and William Doyle were nuce people, she gives up her sister to them, since a life in a brothel and with a sister who was constantly under danger, was no life ( for full story  about Justine and Hawker’s first encounter  see Forbidden Rose) . A couple of years later, Justine, while doing a job England, decides to see her sister, at least from a far. In this moment, she and Hawker meet again, and become secret lovers. They keep on with their affair, until Justine shoots Hawker in an operation. Only, she doesn’t really shoot him, her boss tells her to shoot him, and  wasn’t aiming at him purposely, but before she took rhe shot, her boss moved her aim and she shot the man she loved. Hawker thought she shot him, so they became real enemies. However, even as enemies, they missed each other.

Now, after the Napoleonic wars, twenty four years after they first met, Justine appears at the headquartes of the english spies, dying of a knofe wound down in her chest. They used one of the special knives Adrian Hawker had fabricated. Now, they have to work together to find who tried to kill her and why. Can they resolve the mystery? Can they reconciale?

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Any Duchess will do 


Griffin York, Duke of Halford, is happy living as a bachelor, but his mother abducts him and gets him to Spinster Cove. He chooses the less appropriate canditate, a servant girl who happens to be all covered in sugar. He hires her to follow his mother’s “duchess training” and fail miserably. However he doesn’t expect to like thus feisty, brave and sweet girl.

Pauline Simms has one goal in mind, to work hard so she can leave her abusive father, and have a book shop in Spinster Cove. She wants a better life for her and her sister, who has a special condition.Her dream mught become a possibilty, when a duke comes to Spinster Cove and hires her for a fortune to submit to his mother’s “duchess training” and fail miserably. She decides to accept the deal, and as she spents more time with him, she discovers that there’s more to him than a rich man who gets what he wants. She also feels that there’s more in this than a mother trying to get his son to marry. Can she meet her end of the deal? When the week ends will they go their separate ways? What’s the mystery in mother and son relationship?

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Always a rogue,forever her love


Juliet Marshall is not ine to value material things, but Rosecliff Cottage is very dear to her because of the valuable childhood memories it holds. When she finds out that her good for nothing brother gambled the prooerty, she is furious. She goes to visit Johnathan Ridmore, the Earl of Sinclaire, dubbed Sin, since he is the one who won the property. She intends to demand that he returns the property.

Despite his reputation of being a rogue, fond of parties, gambling and women, Johnathan values his family, Her three sisters are very difficult, and once again made their governess quit. His mother tells him that he needs to find another one for them. When Juliet comes demanding her property, he finds the solution. He will give her the property on one condition, she will become his sisters’ governess and turned them into proper ladies.There’s also a plus for him in this deal, she is very attractive to him and he is good at seducing. However, she is not like other women and won’t give in to his char, that easily. Can she make proper ladies of her sisters? Will she recover the cottage? Will she give in to his seduction?

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Chloe is the daughter of Zeus, and falls in love with a mere mortal from the middle ages. When Zeus discovers this he punish them by making him inmortal, while making her die and reborn for hundreds of years. In 2012 she reappers in his hometown, but is engaged to another man. Will he win her heart? Can they break the curse?

This book is entertaining, but the story is not very developed, in my opinion.

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Devil in Winter

Evangeline Jenner is akward and nervous when in crowd, making her stutter a lot. Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent is a confident, devilish rake. He has such a reputation that proper ladies shouldn’t go anywhere near him. However, Evie puts away her own fears to confront this devil. Why? Desperation. With her mother dying when she was young and her father not wanting for her to live with him inthe gambling hall, Evie is forced to live with her relatives. They are hirrible. When her father is in his death bed, they don’t let her see him, because he owns a gambling hall and can taint her reputation. Plus, they want her to marry her cousin, so they can have the inheritance left by her father to her. Therefore, the only thing is to marry a man that has a good posicion in society, but needs money. Lord St Vinent fits perfectly with this description, since he has a title, but is short in finances. So, when she visits him  and explains her deal, he accepts. They go all the way to the famous Gretna Green in the Scottish border to marry. When they return, they go to the gambling
hall and Sebastian, which in the past was not  akin to work, becomes very interested in the gambling buisness, and starts taking charge if Evie’s father buisness.

Meanwhile, in respect to their married life, Evie had a condition in her deal which is that she will consumate the marriage to make it valid, but they will sleep together just once. Knowing his reputation, will he honor her condition and leave her alone, while having affairs during their marriage? Will he try to seduce her and make brake the condition in their deal? Or will he start to care for this akward, but brave girl, who was determined to do anything to see her dying father and to escape from her fate?

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The Countess Conspiracy

Violet Waterfield is an intelligent and independent woman at a time where women were ridiculed if they did anything other than housework. Violet hopes to publish a scientific paper, but is rejected numerous times. Her friend Sebastian Maleur convinces her to publish the paper under his name, and it becomes an astounding sucess. After five years, Sebastian is sick of the deceit and the guilt of having the credit for Violet’s work. Sebastian and Violet’s relationship is complex because even though they have been friends since childhood, he has secretly loved her for a very long time now.Violet in the other hand, is afraid to have a relationship again. She and her belated husband had problems because she wanted a baby and she couldn’t give him one. She almost died during pregnancy and the baby was lost.
Sebastian also has his problems, besides his one love for Violet. His brother has cancer and Sebastian wants him to leave his nephew with him. His brother thinks that Sebastian is careless and spoiled, he always gets what he wants, and he doesn’t take life seriously. Therefore, he rejects Sebastian’s offer. However, Sebastian is not just a stupid and funny guy like everyone believes, he actually is quite good with numbers and very determined with the right motivation. Even when Sebastian tries to proof his brother wrong and makes a fortune in a matter of days, is still not good enough for his brother.
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Always Proper, Suddenly Scandalous

Geofrey Winter never does something that isn’t proper. He is set in marrying a proper lady and makes a list, in which Beatrice Dennington is included. Meanwhile, Beatrice’s cousin Abbigail Stone has come from America, leaving behind a scandal and a tainted reputation, and wanting to have a new start in England. Geoffrey and Abby meet at a ball, where he accidentally steps in her hem, making her stumble into a server. He apologizes, and when she smiles at him, he is besotted. She starts talking to him and when he realizes everyone is staring he tells her that they can’t talk to each other if they haven’t been properly introduced. He insists on wooing Lady Beatrice, and is astounded to know that the american woman which he met in the ball is her cousin. Will he follow what’s proper or will he go for what he really wants? Will he discover Abby’s scandal?  Will he care, once he discovers it?

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The Duke’s Perfect Wife

A 19th century novel. As a duke and a politician, Hart Mckenzie is used to controlling everything in his life, buypt he couldn’t control the love of his life from leaving him years ago. Eleanor Ramsey is the daughter of a scottish professor and Harts’s former fiance. She visits Hart after they sent her an enevelope with a nude photo of him, which she took when they were engaged. This photo could harm his career. Eleanor makes a deal with him, she’ll help him if he pays her for the work. He agrees, with ulterior motives to convince her to have him back and marry him. Eleanor meanwhile is worried about the changes in Hart. When they were engaged he was happy and full of energy, and now he is cold and dull. Will he change back with Eleanor’s help? Will she have him back? Will they solve the photo mystery?

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Secrets of a Summer Night

A wonderful historical nivel set in the 19th century. Strong-willed, independent and smart  Annabelle Payton is set in marrying a peer to free her family from heir destitute situation. Self-made and wealthy Simon Hunt is attracted to Anabelle and wants to make her his mistress at first, since he didn’t want to become a member of the gentry. She keeps rejecting him, first, because he is a self-made man and not really accepted in the aristocrat society. Second, because of his not very decent proposal.

Anabelle becomes friends with three other girls. Together, they call themselves the wallflowers, since they are not popular among men, and are not invited to dance in balls. Lily and Daisy are new rich girls from America, while Evie is shy and akward. Neither of them behave quite like ladys. The three friends help Anabelle “trap” a peer.

Between their encounters and banter Simon and Anabelle start having feelings for each other. Will they forget about society and everything else and follow their hearts?

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