Anything for you


Connor O’Rourke is a chef who owns a restaurant-bar with his twin sister. His teen years weren’t idyllic since his father cheated on his mother, and had a kid with his lover. Jessica Dunn had a messed uo childhood. She lived in a trailer with her drunk parents. Her mother seemed happier when she drunk, so Jessie made her drinks while she was pregnant. This resulted in her brother Davey having a ver low IQ and Jessie felt guilty about it. Taking care of her brother became her first priority.

When he was twelve, Connor was attacked by the Dunn’s dog. Connor’s father demanded the mayor to put fown the dog. Since then, Davey blamed Connor for the dog’s death and hated him for that. Nine years later, Jesiie and Connor started their ten year on and off secret relationship. The main issue being that she had to take of Davey and that Davey hated Connor. So when Connor proposed to her, she said no. Fed up with the situation, Connor told her that he couldn’t continue with this on and off secret relationship. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t forget about her. She cared about him too. Can he stay away from her? Will Davey forgive him someday? Will  Jessie let him take care of her and her brother?

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