The Billionaire Playboy


Charlotte O’Brien is back home on leave. She is a doctor who s rved in the Army.  She has to make a decision whether to re-enlist or head into public practice. While at home, a hurricane hit New Salem. She was volunteering to help in the aftermath, when head of the Falmouth Foundation and the president’s son,Jake Sherbrook arrived. She thought he only came to have his pictures taken “helping”. She judged him wrong, however, and he actually helped. Whilestays in her mother’s bed and breakfast, she gets to know him, and learns that his more than the “rich playboy” that the media portrays.

Jake Sherbrook’s  parents wanted him to be politician, since it was a tradition in his family. Instead he enlisted in the Army, and then created Falmouth Foundation, to help those in need, which fully satisfied him. However, to his irritation, the media insists on falsely portraying him as a  portrays him as a the spoiled President’s boy. When he hears of the disasters left from the hurricane in North Salem, he comes personally to help as head the foundation. To his annyonce, this judgemental woman who believes in what the media says about him, Captain Charlotte O’Brien, s the leaders of the town volunteers. He has to work daily for her. However, as he gets to know, she opens up and he gets to see a softer side to her.

Jake Sherbrook’s fear is that he will always be seen as someone he isn’t. He specially fears that Charlotte will never completely see how he truly is. Charlotte has abandoning issues, since her father abandoned her and her brother. Therefore, she has difficulty opening up to people and trusting them. Can she get pass this? Can Jake break her barriers and convince her to trust him?

The author portrays the characters pretty well. The banter between the main characters was very entretaining.  However, I felt like it foucused too much on the character’s feelings and fears.

The Best Man


After a disastrous date, Faith Holland decided it was time to go back home. It had been three years since she’d left home. Three years ago her fiance and neighbor, Jeremy Lyon, jilted her at the altar, confessing he was gay. Since has the town’s doctor, she decided she was the one who had to leave. Back at home now, she started renovating the old farm, since she was a landscape designer, and turn it into a place for wedding receptions and other events. This will complement well with her family’s vineyard. Everyone seemed glad that she was home, except Chief Levi Cooper.

Levi Cooper grew up in a park trailer. He was raised by his single mother. When he was finishing high school,he knew he couldn’t afford to go to college. When he asked his father, who he hadn’t seen since he was nine and who owed her mother child care, for the money he needed for colledge, but not suprisingly, his father said he couldn’t help him. However, his life wasn’t that bad, he had his mother and her sister, and his best friend Jeremy, ho didnt care of their difference in social class. Jeremy became Faith’s boyfriend, which has suprising for Levi since he thought Jeremy was gay. A few years later Jeremy confessed to Levi he was a gay, and he insisted Jeremy in confessing this to Faith. Jeremy couldn’t do it, and almost went through with his wedding with Faith, but Levi stopped it and made Jeremy confess the truth to her.

Three years after thr failed wedding, Faith was a women who couldn’t find the committed partner that she wished for. Levi, in the other hand, had been married for three months, and had beem divorced for almost two years now. They met in Afghanistan, she was helicopter pilot, but when they settled in Levi’s hometown she realized that being the wife of a chief of police in a small town was not for her.

Levi had always thought of Faith as an irritaitingly happy princess without a trouble in the world. Seeing her move on from the humiliating experience three years, makes him see her in the different light. Watching how she could relate to his sister, with both them having dealt with the death of their mother, also made him see her differently. Beeing alone with her while she had a seizure and having to take care of her, made him feel protective of her. And finally when she confessed that she blamed herself for her mother’s death, in their car accident, tugged at something in his heart. Faith saw Levi as a snobish jerk, until he takes care of her after having a seizure. Until she saw how he cared for his sister. Until he turns her grandparents’ anniversary, organized by her, from disastrous to success. Until she is touched by the things he does for her. Will they admit they have feelings for each other and act on them? Will they guve another chance to love?

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