The Billionaire Princess



After discovering that her ex used her to get close to her family, Sarah Sherbrook, the President’s daughter, swore of men. . Being a tech- genius, Christopher Hill made his company succesful, and became a billionaire. He always had a crush on Sarah, his best friend Jake’s sister. When Sarah meets Chrisopher in Jake’s surprise wedding in Hawaii for the first time in ages, she can’t believe how he changed from a thin geeky boy to a well-built man. After a few drinks and a dance, they have one-night stand. The next morning, full of remorse from sleeping with his best friend’s sister, Christopher decides to leave. She’s furious with him and doesn’t want to see him again. However, she is forced to work with him iin an education iniciative for a senate candidate, which Sarah works for. They mend things up and decide to act on their attraction for each other. They work together, have dates, watch Bigart movies. Sarah gets to know this wonderful man and decides she might trust him fully, but when a news report insinuates that Christopher is using the education iniciative for his personal gain, her trust shatters. Christopher is hurt by her distrust, and with his hurt pride, decides to let her go. Can they let go of their insecurities and pride and follow their hearts?

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The Billionaire Playboy


Charlotte O’Brien is back home on leave. She is a doctor who s rved in the Army.  She has to make a decision whether to re-enlist or head into public practice. While at home, a hurricane hit New Salem. She was volunteering to help in the aftermath, when head of the Falmouth Foundation and the president’s son,Jake Sherbrook arrived. She thought he only came to have his pictures taken “helping”. She judged him wrong, however, and he actually helped. Whilestays in her mother’s bed and breakfast, she gets to know him, and learns that his more than the “rich playboy” that the media portrays.

Jake Sherbrook’s  parents wanted him to be politician, since it was a tradition in his family. Instead he enlisted in the Army, and then created Falmouth Foundation, to help those in need, which fully satisfied him. However, to his irritation, the media insists on falsely portraying him as a  portrays him as a the spoiled President’s boy. When he hears of the disasters left from the hurricane in North Salem, he comes personally to help as head the foundation. To his annyonce, this judgemental woman who believes in what the media says about him, Captain Charlotte O’Brien, s the leaders of the town volunteers. He has to work daily for her. However, as he gets to know, she opens up and he gets to see a softer side to her.

Jake Sherbrook’s fear is that he will always be seen as someone he isn’t. He specially fears that Charlotte will never completely see how he truly is. Charlotte has abandoning issues, since her father abandoned her and her brother. Therefore, she has difficulty opening up to people and trusting them. Can she get pass this? Can Jake break her barriers and convince her to trust him?

The author portrays the characters pretty well. The banter between the main characters was very entretaining.  However, I felt like it foucused too much on the character’s feelings and fears.