At Odds with the Heiress

Scarlett Fountaine inherited one of her family’s casino/hotel. She isn’t trained for running the casino, she studied to be an actress. However she manages to hire people that successfully run the casino. She has two sisters, who also inherited a casino/hotel each. Logan Wolfe owns the security company hired by the family for the casinos. Logan has prejudices against Scarlett, and sees her as a spoiled brat who inherited a casinos which she was never trained to run. However, he seems to need her now, since she is the only one of the sisters available. His niece is visiting, and he has to convince her to go to college instead of running off to Hollywood. He is reluctant to ask Scarlett for her help, since he has been resisting his attraction for her for years. He also thinks that  she is the least appropriate person for the job. She is hurt by his judgement, and wants to prove him wrong. She also happens to be attracted to him. Will they resist their attraction for each other? Can they help Logan’s niece?

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