Blackmailed bride, Inexperienced wife



After loosing his entire family, Dario Parisi had one thing in mind, doing justice for his family and recovering what had been stolen from them, the Parisi Castello. Gianfranco Mangano, did everything he could to ruin the Parisi as a form of retribution. A Parisi had jilted his sister. When he succeded the family sold the castello and he promised to give it back to them, but he never did. Dario’s parents were going to northern Italy for a venture with potential for sucess, by they died during the trip by sea. Years later, Dario swallowed his pride and visited Gianfranco to make a deal with him. He said that the only way  for Dario to get back the castello was to marry a Mangano. Dario accepted, but Alissa, his grandaughter, rejected him, twice.

When Alissa Scott’s parents died, she and her sister Donna had to live with their abusive Scicilian grandfather, Giancarlo Mangano.  They lived in Australia. When his grandfather demanded her to marry Dario Parisi, she defied him, the last thing she wanted was to be under the control of another Scillian. Dario proposes to her again after her grandfather’s death, but she rejects him once again. Things chance, when Donna’s health becomes grave because of her drug problem and Alissia needs money money for the treatmeant. According to her grandfather’s will, if she wanted the inheritance, she needed to get married for six months. She planned for marry a friend, but Dario paid him to forget the deal, so she had no choice but to marry him. Dario thinks she’s spoiled and that she has drug problems, since she was the one that was detained for carrying drugs. Alissa, in the other hand thinks that Dario is ruthless like her granfather. Even though they despise each other, they is a powerful chemistry beteween them.

The truth is, Alissa was far from spoiled, she was treated awfully by her grandfather. Secondly, she doesn’t have a drig problem, she confiscated the drugs from her sister, and kept quiet when she was caught to protect her sister. Dario is far from being like his grandfather, he’s actually kind and honest, but he’s has suffered greatly in life . He is desperate to bring justice for his family and misjudges Alissa. Will they get over their pride and misjusgements to actually know each other? or will they have six miserable months to bare each other and then get on with their lives?

It was an entretaining book, but it lingered a lot in the thoughts and feelings of the characters, for my taste. Is not a memorable book, but if you want something to pass the time, it’s an okay book to read.