Kyle  is a computer genius and Rylann is in law school. They meet when they were in college, and had their first kiss. He stands her up for their first date, because his mom passed away. After nine years, the only relatively lasting relationship she has is with a Brazilian  model. However their long-distance relationship does not work for her and she dumps him over Twitter. Furious, he hacks Twitter and crashes it for two days. He is arrested, and since then he was known as the Twitter Terrorist. However,  his sentence is reduced when his sister helps the FBI.

Rylann moves from San Francisco to her hometown in Chicago, when she breaks up things with her boyfriend, who wanted them to start a new life in Italy.In her first job as assistant U.S. attorney in Chicago was she comes face to face with the Twitter Terrorist (Kyle). In court they declare his sentence served. She is relieved to be done with him, and get away from tempation. However things are far from done, since a man was killed in the prison he was in, and she needs him as a witness. Will they continue where they started nine years ago? Can she get passed the fact the is an ex-con and a witness? Can he trust a woman again, especially one that works for the people that named him the Twitter Terrorist and persecuted him hard?

This was a very entertaining story. Their banter is hilarious. It’s cute how , even though he is resentful at the D.A.’s office, he cooperates just for Rylann. It’s also endearing how Rylann convinces him to cooperate because it’s the right thing to do. I liked the part when he gets jealous of her returning ex-boyfriend. I also liked how he moves on with his life, creating a new company from scratch. But what I most liked about the story is the fact that they get passed the tags; they make it work even though he is an ex-con and she an assisstant U.S. attorney.

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