Five years ago, Isadora Winters left Gabriel Rossi, to work in a CIA antiterrorist mission. That’s close to home for her because her parents died at the Pentagon in 9/11. Now, five years later, the operation come to and end, and she decides to go to Barefoot Bay with a new name, Lila Wickham, new face and body, and her four-year-old child. She needs Gabe help to hide under a new identity because she made enemies during the operation.

Gabe is still not over Isadora, and in fact came to Barefoot Bay, because it was closer to the place he thought he could find her Cuba. While in Cuba his sister and his best friend, found out that Isadira died in a car accident and that their child was adopted, but then died when he was a todler. However, his friend Malcolm Harris found a letter from Isadora in their old locker room in Guantanamo, back when they were CIA agents in an operation. The letter said that neither her nor their child was dead. Now there’s a woman who doesn’t look at all like Isadora, that claims to be her. She was ses Chanel No.5, which is Isadora’s perfume. Should he believe her? 

I was expecting something a little bit more inclined to reality, like Barefoot with a Stranger was. But, then they throw in an implant which makes her have headaches every time she feels string emotions like love, and it was too much cience fiction for me. There was also the fact that they changed her eye color with chemicals. I mean, I have nothing against cience fiction, but it was a little bit off from the other books in the series.

Besides that, the book was still entretaining. There’s the new Isadora, as Lila Wickham, a woman that can defend herself from attacks pretty good. There’s Gabe and his internal war about intrusting Lila. There’s also her child Rafe who throws tantrums often, but is pretty cute. (It broke my heat when she decides to leave Rafe with his dad because feeling live guves her headaches). There’s Nino, Gabe’s grandfather, who teaches Rafe to cook.

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