Geofrey Winter never does something that isn’t proper. He is set in marrying a proper lady and makes a list, in which Beatrice Dennington is included. Meanwhile, Beatrice’s cousin Abbigail Stone has come from America, leaving behind a scandal and a tainted reputation, and wanting to have a new start in England. Geoffrey and Abby meet at a ball, where he accidentally steps in her hem, making her stumble into a server. He apologizes, and when she smiles at him, he is besotted. She starts talking to him and when he realizes everyone is staring he tells her that they can’t talk to each other if they haven’t been properly introduced. He insists on wooing Lady Beatrice, and is astounded to know that the american woman which he met in the ball is her cousin. Will he follow what’s proper or will he go for what he really wants? Will he discover Abby’s scandal?  Will he care, once he discovers it?

It broke my heart when Geoffrey rejected Abby because he found out that she gave herself to another man back in America. Then, Abby’s carriage accident woke him up from his jealousy stupor. When she was much recovered, he came to apologize, but she didn’t want to see him, so he waited at her front door for hours under the rain. When she finally decides to talk to him he apologizes and tells her that he doesn’t care about the scandal and that he loves her. They marry, and he finds out that just because she gave herself to another man, it doesn’t that she isn’t innocent in many ways.

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