A 19th century novel. As a duke and a politician, Hart Mckenzie is used to controlling everything in his life, buypt he couldn’t control the love of his life from leaving him years ago. Eleanor Ramsey is the daughter of a scottish professor and Harts’s former fiance. She visits Hart after they sent her an enevelope with a nude photo of him, which she took when they were engaged. This photo could harm his career. Eleanor makes a deal with him, she’ll help him if he pays her for the work. He agrees, with ulterior motives to convince her to have him back and marry him. Eleanor meanwhile is worried about the changes in Hart. When they were engaged he was happy and full of energy, and now he is cold and dull. Will he change back with Eleanor’s help? Will she have him back? Will they solve the photo mystery?

Hart is afraid of being a dark-hearted, horrible man as his father. He battles with his dark side and is afraid of loosing Eleanor, the only woman who will always understand him. Elenor gives him hope of a brighter and happier future and is the only one who isn’t intimidated by him. Furthermore, he always felt responsible for his brothers and did everything he could to protect them from their father. He is a little of a control freak, but means well.

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