A wonderful historical nivel set in the 19th century. Strong-willed, independent and smart  Annabelle Payton is set in marrying a peer to free her family from heir destitute situation. Self-made and wealthy Simon Hunt is attracted to Anabelle and wants to make her his mistress at first, since he didn’t want to become a member of the gentry. She keeps rejecting him, first, because he is a self-made man and not really accepted in the aristocrat society. Second, because of his not very decent proposal.

Anabelle becomes friends with three other girls. Together, they call themselves the wallflowers, since they are not popular among men, and are not invited to dance in balls. Lily and Daisy are new rich girls from America, while Evie is shy and akward. Neither of them behave quite like ladys. The three friends help Anabelle “trap” a peer.

Between their encounters and banter Simon and Anabelle start having feelings for each other. Will they forget about society and everything else and follow their hearts?

I love their banter. I love that he cares about her and gives her ankle boots to prevent snake bites.

I love the scene when he sort of proposes to her:

 She was too stunned to respond to the gibe. “But why?” she asked, as his hand traveled up to her unprotected nape. She gasped as his fingertip dipped softly into the shallow depression at the base of her skull. “Why offer to marry me when you might have me as your mistress?” He nuzzled her throat gently. “Because I realized during the past few days that I can’t leave doubt in anyone’s mind about to whom you belong. Especially not yours.”



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