sicilyI loved this Sicilian/American couple. There so passionate and thr0ough out the book we see how they need each other. I love how Luca makes Taylor get out of her shell and be less in control. My favorite part was when they have a date incognito.

So here is the story:

Under the incredible Sicilian skies, one of the most famous families in the island, the Corretti family was celebrating the wedding of one of its members. Famous actress, Taylor Carmichael attended to the wedding on the insistence of her latest film producer Santo Corretti, the groom’s brother. Taylor had a bad reputation since she fired her own mother as her manager and dated her director, who has much older than her. That’s why the producer tells her to behave since they are promoting the film. Not standing the judgemental glances of the wedding guests she walks toward a maze. Meanwhile, Luca Corretti, scandalous playboy billioner, and cousin of the groom, hides in the maze avoiding his latest one-night stand mistake. Taylor walks straight into him and he gets irritated thinking its the girl he is trying to avoid. Once he realizes is not her, he talks and flirts with Taylor. He tells her about how he is trying to hide from his last night’s mistake and that he knows her from a movie and knows that she dated her director. They keep talking and when they can’t resist the intense chemistry between them he kisses her. She kisses him back and gets lost in the passion. But then she realizes what they are doing and tells him they shouldn’t be doing this. Then after having a discussion with she leaves. The next day a picture of them kissing is all over the press. The director and producer of the film demand her to explain it. Panicked that she can lose her job, she tells them that she and Luca are engage secretly. After that she tries to convince Luca to continue with the lie, but with no luck. However, after the board enthusiastically congratulate him on the engagement and tells him how glad they are that he has change his ways, he decides to stick with her plan. They date publicly, so the lie can be believable and she moves in with him. But, after they get to know each other and when they can’t resist the wild chemistry between them, will the line between what’s real and what’s fake stay clear?

SPOILER ALERT: I love the part where he is so shocked because he discovered he is in love with her. And when they are in the trailer and he declares his love to her and proposes.

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